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Janette from

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What do you do?

I source, import, make & sell organic fabrics & homewares. We sew cushions and other zero waste items in the shop. I also work with others to make bespoke homewares, curtains, blinds, and all sorts of soft-furnishings, including refurbishing and recovering furniture. All with the idea of helping customers make not only beautiful and elegant choices for their home, but healthy and natural ones.

Why did you start your business?

I had a client who wanted natural organic alternatives for her home and we struggled to find anything. I also had small comments from other clients, like how awful free standing gas heaters were (which we had in the the shop I worked) and how people experienced terrible smells coming from their curtains. I started reading more and more about how cotton was the worst agricultural industry in the world with its heavy use of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. It all resonated with me, so I thought there needed to be a much better way to decorate our homes in a more healthy way.

Why is being Eco Friendly important to you?

Everything humans do on the earth has some effect on our finely balanced ecological system. Our earth has been taken for granted and abused so much in the last 100 or so years, and we are seeing the effects, not only on the earth but on humans as well. So I try to source the best natural and organic alternatives that will try and tick as many good boxes as possible.

What is your top Eco tip?

Beware of Green Washing: If you are looking at buying anything, do your research and look beyond any green marketing of business. Just because someone recycles the paper in their office doesn’t make them eco friendly in all parts of their business.

Janette normally works in the South Coast Collective Shop every Wednesday & Friday and the 2nd Saturday of every month.

You may also find her there on a Tuesday & Thursday along with our online guru Nushka and Natasha our inhouse sewing expert

When you aren’t at the Collective Shop where can we find you?

If I am not at the shop, I am usually off visiting clients. Otherwise I will either be having a day off with my son or husband. Here’s our website where you can browse through what we have on offer.