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Marlene from

Treasure Seeker Creations

What do you do?

I am a Maker of Journals and Notebooks, Vintage Pins and Needles Books, Lavender Sachets, Wreaths, and dreaming up new creations.  I use natural fibre textiles and organic plant material.

As a child of a farming family (Scottish/English descent), nothing was ever wasted. The land was cared for through the old-school way of sustainability and eco-friendly methods. Everything was grown, preserved, and handmade by the women folk in my family, and they gave their time and patience to teach me these skills.  And so, my creative journey began. With the remnants of fabric, I was allowed to use my Granny’s treadle sewing machine with reckless abandon, knit and crochet with the wool oddments, and help in the garden and absorb my Granny’s love of picking the fresh vegetables and fruit, cooking, flowers and floral arranging.

Why did you start your business?

As a way to repurpose/ share my stash of textiles, old books, paper, stationery, and trinkets. I have a love of vintage and antique items and one of my favorite pastimes is to browse Op Shops. The skill and beauty in handmade products of the past are irreplaceable, and I love giving these unwanted creations a new life.

I work in collaboration with Verdant Designs, using up their off-cuts from curtain linings and fabrics in my work.  Being able to recycle packaging, cardboard, and paper into my Journals is another bonus. And so, a new journey has begun.

Why is being Eco Friendly important to you?

I have a deep appreciation of the wonder and beauty of our Natural World, and its ability to care for us on a holistic level.

What is your top Eco tip?

Gift your unwanted textiles and treasures to Op Shops/Craft-Coops so they can be repurposed.

When you aren’t at the Pop Up Shop where can we find you?

At home creating with joyful abandon surrounded by my treasures.