Rosemary O’Hara Pottery

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Rosemary O’Hara Pottery

What do you do?

I make pots, terracotta cookware and domesticware and ‘Naked Raku’decorative ware.

Why did you start your business?

I love working in clay and being creative and I love to cook.  Cooking with Terracotta wares is very delicious and good for the planet- no metal ores were mined for these cooking pots, and everything cooked in terracotta tastes better.

Why is being Eco Friendly important to you?

We have to make big and small changes, now, because what we’re doing to our planet isn’t sustainable.

I make sure that no clays or oxides or glaze materials get into the drains or the ground at my studio. All waste materials are collected and eventually fired so they are non reactive.

What is your top Eco tip?

I’ve recently discovered soap berries. I was amazed to discover that they really work.

Rosey normally works in the South Coast Collective Shop the 3rd Saturday of every month.

When you aren’t at the Collective Shop where can we find you?

As well as the Collective Shop on Webb St, my work is also at Artspace Gallery in Petone, The Esplanade, Te Papa Store and Pataka Toi Store, Porirua.  

Ph 04 233 0003

Studio: 8 Reserve Road Plimmerton (appointment only)