Kawau Creations

Sonja from

Kawau Creations

Kawau Creations

What do you do:

Handmade linocut prints inspired by the New Zealand environment (particularly birds, plants, and the ocean)

Why did you start your business:

To share the joy of my creative outlet with others

Why is being eco-friendly important to you:

We only have one planet, and we are only one of many species on it. We need to use resources sustainably to ensure the continued health and vitality of our ecosystems, which not only support us, but also a huge variety of life.

What is your top eco tip:

Use reusable containers and plastic bags.

When you aren’t at the shop, where can we find you:

At my 9-5 office job, at home carving lino for my next print, or on the mats at my Brazilian jiu-jitsu club.