Global Wood Rework

Introducing Rowan Saker of Global Wood Rework

What do you do?

I recycle timber destined for the landfill into something useful. Global Wood Rework has a range of products (trestle tables, drying racks, benches, clothes racks) it makes on a regular basis; it also makes to commission – tables, chests of drawers, side boards, bed bases, wardrobes, desks – in fact anything anybody wants.

Why did you start your business?

I saw 10,000 tonnes of excellent wood being turned into the Southern Landfill every year. I still see this. It seems like a waste. There is kauri, matai, totara and other native woods being thrown away by the truckload.

Why is being Eco Friendly important to you?

I don’t want to be part of the problem.

What is your top Eco tip?

Start now for our sustainable future!

When you aren’t at the Pop Up Shop where can we find you?

You can contact me on: 021 149 9012

Or see more of my work online at: