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Excuses to purchase that beautiful washi tape

Japanese washi tapes by independant designers
Shunshun washi tape used to identify a WiFi remote and school pencil-case items

What is washi tape and why is it eco?

We have washi tape from Japan by independent designers in the shop. We love to support other independent artisans and washi tape is a great excuse to have a little art by a top designer for a very small expense. We currently have some by Aiko Fukawa, Mina Perhonan, Sobyou is Drawing brands etc. Washi tape is more eco choice because  it is made from washi paper rather than being made by an non-biodegradable plastic. Japan is blessed with the ideal plants for paper making (kozo, gampi or mitsumata) these fibres make strong and flexible paper and it is this that the tape is made, along with a latex rubber backing.  I think that is some kind of internet auto translation error has people thinking it is made from  rice plants. In fact the name washi comes from wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper. Most of ours is MT made by the Kamoi Kakoshi company.


Washi tape uses:

Identify your things 

In my household probably the top use of washi tape is identifying our stuff. All the  our pencils and pens along with rulers, pencil sharpeners, set squares, as well the snapper cards, USB chargers, drink bottles, laptop chargers, and laptops, folders, all get a get a the washi tape treatment. Sometimes we write our names onto the washi tape because it is an easy surface to write on. Often the tape itself is enough to tell us, that yes that pen is our one, or that folder in a group of folders. Unusual washi designs can be a signature style. You could even identify intercom numbers, or dorm door with it, it is low tack so it isn’t permanent. In a house-hold one child’s library cards etc could have their pick of a washi tape design, other children’s another. Plus, it an easy way to be a bit crafty.


A slick of washi tape with a matching pattern and you’ll have less trouble identifying which remote goes with which device 

A swatch of matching washi tape on each item can tell you at a glance which charger goes with what, use this technique for phone cahrgers, camera chargers, laptops and WiFi devices.

Make things standout

The most needed key on a key ring, the key you are lending to a friend,  the key you always get confused with the other one, can each have a different washi label, or the design that links to its purpose.

Craft and re-purpose and fix things with it

Washi tape can make a recyled can look cute for all sorts of purposes, it can disguise a ding, it is of course tape so it can fix things back together. 

Decorate with it

Use it as tape and embrace your colourful side. The tape has a low tack so you can tape photos to the wall with out damaging anything. It is often used as temporary wall art. The internet has hundreds of ideas on this from personalising your sunglasses to re-jooshing old tables. I have borrowed this idea when sending items based on the enjoyment I get when receiving parcels from Japan, which often use brown manilla paper with contrasting washi designs to seal them, often two of three different pieces together for a little visual kick.

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